Simply Exhilarating


Even a simple
cup of
morning tea
when I am
clothes free

As I walk down deeper into my clothes free life, I continue to savor simple moments like this. I love waking up in my natural state, taking in the sound of the wind outside while resting still. Preparing tea clothes free in the morning is one of my favorite parts of the day. It is quiet, and as I melt the honey and milk in the tea, I feel a peaceful stir within that soothes my soul. Nothing else in the world matters but that moment.

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4 thoughts on “Simply Exhilarating”

  1. naturalian says:

    Yes it is soo natural and exhilarating going from ed to kitchen making morning coffee!

  2. sassycoupleok says:

    We are not tea drinkers but we start our natural mornings with flavored coffees along a flavored cream or two. Weather permitting we step out onto the patio and let the morning sun hit on our skin as we feel the warming rays penetrate the soul. At that point in time the world can be damned !! Simple yes but the pleasure is so natural, as the old saying goes “the simple pleasures of life are the best pleasures of life” !

    1. Ah, to have a patio 🙂 That would be nice. Yes, I love that quote. The simple ones really are the best.

      1. sassycoupleok says:

        Yes our dear friend, just like simple nudity, the more you live it the more pleasurable and natural it becomes.

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