hnh headphone reflection Taking my clothes off is like taking off headphones. The things I can hear in my body and heart when I go clothes free are incredible. It puts me more in touch with my physical health and needs as well as with what’s going on in my soul. When I dare to disrobe, I dare to be naked  with myself in every way, to see who I am being, to acknowledge what I feel, to stand as I am.

Whenever I used to feel stuck or upset, I would go to others and plead, “What do you think is wrong with me?” Clothes free life has given me access to a different kind of way of being and a deeper inquiry. Now, it is becoming a conversation of, “This is what I feel,” when sharing with others. Less, “tell me, do it for me.”

Clothes free life for the win.

About the author: hontouniheart
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  1. sassycoupleok 4 years ago

    It definitely takes ones mind to a higher level. When we can stand freely in front of others it pushes our confidence to a higher level as well.

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