What happened at a clothes free wedding

Clothes Shedding – my experience of a nudist wedding

I was invited to join a good friend of mine at a naturist (nudist for those of you who don’t know) resort over the weekend. Having been to Sandy Bay a couple of times, and enjoying walking around with the minimum/no of clothes when in the privacy of my house, it sounded like a good idea.

To my surprise, I found people preparing for a wedding. Except for two ladies who both work at the resort, everyone else was naked and going about their business. Being a friendly sort of guy myself, I offered to help and so met the bride, groom and a few of their friends. Once again, I was treated like I would expect to be at the local bank or church fund raising day – with friendliness. No open staring, no weird glances, etc.

was great! With no clothes to impress others with, the only thing you have to offer is your company and yourself – stripped to the bare essential self. Also, everyone seemed at ease, myself included, and no-one stared at anybody despite the many shapes, sizes and ages on display. Everyone treated each other with respect and there was no hanky-panky or anything resembling even subtle sexual innuendos exchanged – in fact, this is strictly forbidden.

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