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Why Society Is Better Off Without Bathing Suits

I’m not one of those nudies that feels compelled to be naked 24 / 7, and I would say that many nudists can’t be and don’t care to be naked everywhere, all the time. (I’ve mentioned this before in the common myths about nudism.)

I’m quite comfortable wearing clothes in the winter. I get cold very easily and am grateful for the sweaters I have to keep me warm. Though I’m not much into fashion or clothes shopping, I do like dressing up sometimes and expressing myself with certain colors, fabrics and styles.

However…there is one item of clothing that I prefer to keep buried and forgotten in my dresser: my bathing suit.

The bathing suit is one of the most useless articles of clothing ever invented by humanity. It doesn’t help you bathe or swim. Its only purpose is to cover up the body parts that American culture (and other cultures) has deemed obscene: butts, genitals and FEMALE nipples.

In the U.S., the general consensus seems to be: remove bathing suits and all hell will break loose. The beach will become overrun with public sex and perverts. This comes from our society’s gymnophobia (fear of nudity) and the idea that nudity = sex.

The fact is, we can do just as well as without bathing suits, if not better. Swimming nude used to be the norm in ancient Greek culture. Nude spas have been around for centuries. In America, nude swimming was mandatory and considered the norm at YMCA’s and in schools up until the 1970’s. Many of today’s nude beaches have been around for decades, proving that all kinds of people can indeed swim and sunbathe naked together with civility and respect. Acts of public sex are illegal at a nude beach just like anywhere else.

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