2015 Clothes Free Poetry Contest Entries!!

It is a great honor to present the entries of the 2015 Clothes Free Poetry ContestSome generous people reflected on their clothes free experiences in the form of poetryTake a look and support them with your votes!

Voting is open for 2 weeks, May 4 – May 17, 2015.

Naked – by Fabien (Naturist Fab)

Naked I stand before you naked Why do I feel shame? You do not understand my need to be free Why would you not join me? I stand before you naked Do you not understand that this is who I am? I have let go of my inhibitions Why won’t you let me be me? […]

One with Nature – by Anna Tasiilaq

One with Nature The world is full of dirt and air– That’s the reason I like to bare. One with sky, one with earth, As fresh today as day of my birth Run through the woods so free The world goes away, lets me be. Sunlight on my body, grass in my toes I’m one […]

Trapped, without Fidelity – by @naturalbornhiker

Trapped, without Fidelity Entering this world we leave the dark womb seeking light. Immediately our skin is feared. Legions are cornered, constrained in vivid fabric. Deny to be captive. Reject the cloth, escape the woven prison. Savor this reunion with naked freedom. For the sun pushes life into bare skin with full confidence. This body […]

The Quiet – by Conci Nelson

The Quiet “Calla,” she said, as the wind brushed through the trees And a fragrant hum hung in the air. A whisper of light flushed my skin And tossled my sun-crusted hair. “Estoy es todo,” she mouthed, exalted. And she was right. The moment passed. That was all. -by Conci Nelson

My Naked Foot – Lloyd The Great

My Naked Foot i hope it doesn’t offend you If I post a picture of my naked foot. I suppose it would be less graphic With a sock and shoe, but sometimes I feel better unsocked. At home. Alone. Do you want me to put something on? Before company comes over? While I’m out in […]

Born This Way – by Patrick Thompson

Born This Way I was born this way, it isn’t a choice, A silent naked person, not allowed a voice, Living in secret, nakedness disguised, Daring not to speak, not to be despised, But now I find my freedom, strong & proud, Finding friends where nakedness is allowed, I was born this way, just like all of you, Yes […]

Nature Boy – by Bruce Frendahl

NATURE BOY Nature Boy lives in the woods, on a lake, in a tent, with his cat He don’t ever wear no clothes, imagine that? When he gets dirty doin’ stuff, he just goes skinny dipping No big deal to nature Boy, life is what you make of it He likes to write poems, about […]

Righteous Nakedness – by Shane Lemuel Fuller

Righteous Nakedness Peace and Harmony flows strong and free. Like a well nourished river fed by mountain springs. For those that drink from the cup of life and love. Brothers and Sisters, though they be of diffrent race, language, and beliefs, Can meet together face to face and learn how to play joyous games in […]

A Beautiful New Day – by Christopher Limbrick

A Beautiful New Day Like the rock upon which I sit, my body is naked, grounded to the earth without obstruction. The smell of freshly ground beans, steeping, waiting for just the right moment, begins to push away the night. As the soft glow of twilight builds, the air around me begins to move. I […]

Life is a river where the currents are swift – by Jeff Medd

Life is a river where the currents are swift. Up river is the freedom, the truth from the lies Downriver the place where humanity dies. As the people continue to jump covered with their shame. The weight is too much as they are quickly swept away. But one by one they continue to jump but […]

Naked Poetry – Martin Belcher

Naked Poetry Free, free as the air Free floating cloud like defying ground I feel the air on my skin Hairs ripple, skin shimmers, touch is pure Naked, born as a child, simple uncomplicated Leaves blow in the breeze, trees steadfast Branches natures buildings Nature is naked, so are we, united as one. by Martin […]

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