Float float on report from a clothes free floation chamber

I found a new way to be nude outside of mg house. No, I m not an exhibitionist. I am a woman of a certain age who spent too many hours in her yard fighting weeds, armadillos and moles. The next morning, it hurt to open my eyes, (which can be attributed to the jug of cayenne pepper but you can read about it in Better Homes and Gardens. I was in SERIOUS PAIN. I remember researching float chambers months ago for pain relief and so I went to www.floatationlocations.com, put in my zip code to find locations in my area. And voila I found spa and called.
Yes! They had openings!
Yes! This is my first time!
Yes! It’s been more than three days since I shaved!
Wait. What?!

Also known as a sensory deprivation chambers, the flotation chamber is a tank shaped like an egg with a lid. You float in ten inches of water kept at a constant 92 degrees Fahrenheit, filled With 90 pounds of Epsom Salt. Same premise as the Dead Sea, you float.

“What will I need?” I asked.
Nothing, I was told. We provide body wash, shampoo, conditioner, bathrobe so just bring yourself.
I took breath and said in a perky voice, “I better remember to bring my bathing suit! ” Not needed. ” The receptionist replied.
(I momentarily forgot my pain and quickly gave myself high—five and fist pump)

The chamber offers relief from stress, the Epsom salt soothes muscles, and floating (yes floating) in the chamber is a great way to meditate. If you are not good at focusing or relaxing, I suggest you bring an mp3 player to listen to music or an audio book, This can be connected to the chamber. If you don’t want to float in the dark (which seems like outer space) ask for the light to remain on, in one of several colors or the rainbow display.

The average rate is $65 USP for one hour. You will shower before and after. I highly recommend a thorough shower and hair washing afterwards. By the time I got into the car, mg face and neck turned white and my hair looked as if someone hit me with snowball; result of the salt residue.
I highly recommend trying this to anyone whose curiosity has been piqued. It was relaxing, and I was NUDE! That’s all that matters.

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