Hasting’s First World Naked Bike Ride, 2014 #WNBR

A great account of a personal experience at a World Naked Bike Ride Event.

As a young woman new to clothes free life, I really appreciate the personal struggle shared about how bare to go. I sometimes come across remarks from people who take pride in minimizing, even ridiculing those who articulate concerns about being naked in public places that aren’t secured as naturist venues. They say that if you are a “true naturist” or “true nudist” you shouldn’t care what other people think and do. That attitude feels to me to be very simplistic and dismissive of many issues.

In this article, I found a beautifully sharp distinction drawn between being proud of being a naturist and openly supporting naturism and related causes, and the consideration of how some witnessing an event out in the open public might choose to take footage and use it all over the internet for inappropriate purposes. That’s a very real issue, and I don’t appreciate it when people minimize it. It bothers me when I see completely neutral photos of someone being clothes free turned into something sexual by commentary or inclusion in sexual galleries.

I am grateful for this post. I hope to some day take part in a World Naked Bike Ride.

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