Life of Possibility

IMG_6851I had no idea what was possible inside of me until I got naked inside and out. Today, as I shut the door at the office and worked clothes free, I saw my calm, creativity, efficiency and boldness come into full expression. I got through so many projects that had been on the back burner of the department. I created things from scratch. I made all kinds of updates. I came up with solutions when things didn’t make any sense.

I had no idea how smart I was, how sharp I was, how quick and creative I could be until I took my clothes off, took my worries and self-concern off, took my doubts off, and flowed freely like a rushing wave. Today I expressed my true sign, water, a bold ocean flooding the desert spaces in the office. I saw things come to life through my clothes free service.

For me clothes free life is a lifestyle of possibility.


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14 thoughts on “Life of Possibility”

  1. Dick says:

    Hi you lucky person that sounds great.

  2. jochanaan1 says:

    That’s wonderful, milady! Did you say you work from home? Or are you with an enlightened company that actually lets you be creative and clothes-free in the office?

    1. Thank you! No, I don’t work from home, nor do I have such an office environment. I do, however, have a door, and giant things to shove in front of it. So, that’s my saving grace. Furniture 😀

  3. The Black Male Nudist says:

    Thank you for the inspiring us.

  4. naturalian says:

    I totally agree! In my working life I have had opportunities to be naked at work(out of office hrs and weekends) and it is a release, just doing normal duties but totally clothes-free!

    1. Dick says:

      Hi, you lucky person, that sounds brilliant.

  5. dominicallan says:

    Very inspiring and brilliant story. Beautiful and really well done 😝👍

    1. Thank you! This lifestyle is such a gift. It is healing and empowering for me. Hoping it does the same for others, too. So much is possible.

  6. sassycoupleok says:

    We really admire how creative and inspiring you are !! 🙂

    1. Thank you! This lifestyle is doing great things for me. I am very grateful.

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