Must see expression of body freedom in performance art

She also said that some students tried to ruin her project, including one woman who tried to put her shirt back on.
Rostvold said: ‘A few people came up to me and took my blindfold off and took my headphones off and told me that I was degrading myself.
’This one person actually went ahead and – I was unrepsonsive the whole time – but she grabbed my shirt and tried to put my shirt on me and tried to put my pants on me.
’There’s always gonna be some people that view it negatively. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.’

Curators note:This phenomenal video was retweeted by @felicitysblog on twitter. if you are proponent of clothes free you must watch the whole thing. Observe the reaction and behavior of people to an unclothed body just being still, doing nothing salacious just unclothed. notice the people who want to make the artist conform to their ideal. notice that they project their “stuff” on to her as she does not interact or project in their world its just a person sitting who body is clothes free. enjoy the response of onlookerers as she is allowed to remain as she is clothes free natural and still.

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