Review of clothing optional event at museum art exhibit

Live nudes

“Who is the one on display here, anyway?” The thought crosses my mind as quickly as goose bumps peak from my skin, contrasting the texture of the silky photograph in question and Margaret’s unwavering confidence that seems cemented in the portrait.

THEMUSEUM’s gallery, though filled with fifty or so wandering bodies is chilly on March 27 and doesn’t inspire comfortable, smooth skin, or relaxed hairs on the back of my neck – or perhaps that is a product of my own discomfort as I stand naked in a sea of strangers’ flesh.


The exhibit, aptly named “Getting Naked,” is part of a larger series at THEMUSEUM that includes a variety of programming, panels and the evening I am immersed in – a walk through the gallery where participants of all ages are taking in the nudes in exactly that form.
The downtown Kitchener, multi-room gallery houses over 100 never-shown-together pieces from the Canadian Art Bank and is curated by Virginia Eichhorn. The works, categorized broadly as “nude, naked or unclothed,” include everything from waist-high, wooden wangs to realist, oil paintings, cherubic figures and abstract renderings of the human form.

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