Translations: Clothes Free Inside & Out

hh tumbledee

My clothes free life continues to translate to new ways of being day after day. I live in a fast-paced city where most of the folks in my age range scramble about with ear buds stuffed in our heads while our faces suction to our phones. We run into each other or into lamp posts. And then yell. We miss the beauty of the river at sunrise / sunset.

Although this is not how I grew up, I have been living this way for a long time since I moved here. Recently, though, I’ve had a shift, which I credit to both my clothes free life and a clothes free yoga practice, particularly yin yoga. Last night as I was walking home, my feet, for the first time ever, felt really uncomfortable and were hurting in these super comfy shoes I have. It was time to take them off. So, I stepped out and walked home barefoot. I was actually much more comfortable and stable barefoot than I was with my shoes on. My feet feel alive, expressed and free.

And as I walked home, I left the iPod in my backpack. I wanted to hear the soundtrack of the city itself, to not have a conflict or mismatch between what I see with my eyes and what my ears take in. The city can be noisy and unnerving, but there was something refreshing and beautiful about just hearing it for what it is and not having a mask on my ears or feet. With the cool wind blowing against my skin, it almost felt like I was walking on the beach, despite the setting. I just felt calm and connected.

The more I sit with and experience myself for who I am, inside and out, clothes free body and naked soul, the more I hunger to experience my environment and other people in the same way: for what and who they are.

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