Vritomartis resort adds renovations and new services for 2015 season open

Vritomartis Naturist Resort Announces New Renovations with Improved Services and Quality

The clothes free/naturist resort located in Crete Greece, has announced renovations for the opening 2015 season in a press release

This last year, recent renovations took place in public areas such as the pool bar, restaurant and the reception area. Smaller renovations also took place in other areas to offer modern, beautiful, relaxing and eye-appealing accommodations..

Other changes include enhancements to the buffet food service, improved public areas and a blog where visitors can share their experiences and learn about the experiences of others. 


Also, upon viewing our blog you can receive information about our contests, exciting activities and unforgettable excursions. If you are curious to know more about our trips, photos can be viewed here as well.

We encourage our visitors to actively participate in our blog. Comments and reviews can be shared as well as videos and photos etc. of your activities, trips and excursions during your stay at Vritomartis.

Visit the Vritomartis site to read more about all the changes and new things to enjoy.

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  1. hontouniheart 4 years ago

    What a beautiful looking place. That’s gotta go on the Place 2 Go list. <3

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