YNA reviews Lake Como resort

Review of Lake Como Nudist Resort in Pasco County, Florida

My first visit there was some years ago, and I was glad to find the opportunity to visit again after the Young Naturist Spring Fest at Sunsport Gardens.

Como is a big place with 196 acres, 109 year round mobile home sites, 75 seasonal RV sites (currently with a waiting list) and over 1,000 members. The resort was privately owned up until 1997, when the members bought it and restructured it into a co-op.

Of the 196 acres, 79 are cypress wetlands, and 32 are pine wood. The pine wood has replaced their old orange groves and their 35 acre lake is, of course, a big part of the resort.

*Though this being Florida, the lake is not for swimming – there are gators! (Jordan still remembers swimming in a lake as a kid with his family at one of the nudist resorts in Florida, until someone told them to get out of water because of alligators. He thinks this happened at Lake Como.)

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