Dawn Porter.

Dawn Porter is a BBC reporter who has taken several steps into the empowerment of the female body. This is one of the videos that speaks to me. It’s really good. The most fabulous in this video is (I think) that people don’t turn away disgustedly but look and applaud these women. All the nannying…


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  1. jeffhaynes says:

    I agree with the message 100 percent. But I find it odd that even in taking this stance, Dawn (and others) still felt it necessary to cover up parts of their bodies. And that comes off as saying certain parts of the body are nothing but a source of shame — which seems to run contrary to the argument Dawn is trying to make. Naturism and body acceptance do have some parallels, but they are separate issues. And I think that gets a little confused sometimes.

    1. Thanks for the comment I think that one (body acceptance) may be the benefit of the other (naturism )

      1. jeffhaynes says:

        I’m sure this is often true.

  2. sassycoupleok says:

    Yes this was very positive for all involved !!

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