here’s to #WorldNaturismDay, clothes free life, and naked soul food

Happy World Naturism Day to all!

My #WorldNaturismDay began with late night / early morning chats with my mom (yes, she is in town and yes I’m ridiculously ecstatic about it). I was clothes free in her presence and both of us were naked in heart.

 Mom often opens up to me, especially now that I am an adult, and she generally holds a strong space of listening and sharing for people what with her area of work. But I haven’t always stepped into that space. I find, however, that when I am clothes free, it takes less effort for me to go to that place of deep sharing with her. Also, I used to completely fall apart whenever I’d go to that deep level of sharing, but nowadays I don’t. I wonder if that has to do with living a clothes free life, including naked meditation, naked journal time, naked yoga, etc. Rather than the exception, honest reflection and deep sharing are becoming a more regular thing as I do it more with myself and, when I’m ready, with others. It is kind of amazing to be able to go that far, that deep, without completely losing it every single time.

What totally set the stage for an awesome #WorldNaturismDay for me at about 1:15 AM was when, after being completely open with my mom, she then offered, “Is there anything you want to ask me? Any deep burning questions? Any wonderings?” I was like, “Really? Anything? No…I couldn’t possibly.” She urged me on, “No, really! Anything! Please!” Mom was so into this naked soul sharing that she encouraged me to ask her all kinds of things. Once I realized she wasn’t just saying it, I went ahead and asked tons of questions about her world, how she is doing, what she feels about different things. It was an amazing rich conversation. For me, this is the soul food, the good stuff, of clothes free life.

 We fell asleep around 2 or 2:30 AM. I’m not entirely sure how awake she is for the work sessions she has to do this morning, but sometimes it’s great to be drunk on soul. I often have a smart smirk on my face after a long night of soulful conversation. Yes, I have one on right now! I also have coffee.

Here’s to #WorldNaturismDay, clothes free life, and naked soul food. Cheers!

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  1. sassycoupleok says:

    It’s very special that you and your mom can have these very frank and explicit conversations and be openly nude with each other. When I was living at home all my teen years I was often nude around my mom and sometimes she around me. Interestingly enough we never discussed it and back then had anyone known that she had let her teenage son see her nude it would have been a scandal. I have very fond memories of those days, it’s a shame more families can’t enjoy and respect each other naturally.

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