Like A (Clothes Free) Boss

hh shining lotusToday, I give thanks for the support my clothes free life has brought me in my work life this year. I had started a new job last summer, and it most certainly was a hailstorm of crazy. There had been a great deal of instability in staffing in my office and across the organization from the lowest seats to the highest ranks. Lots of new projects tumbled through our doors, new systems, new policies and procedures. Basically, you name it, it changed to something new. Everyone, even some of my most rooted colleagues, seemed to be shaken by all that was going on. To be honest, there were many times when I wanted to thrown in the towel and say goodnight.

Thankfully, I did not give up. At some point, not too long after dipping my toes into the waters of clothes free life last fall, I ripped the phone out of the wall at my office, shut the door, disrobed and took my seat at my desk. Something happened when I put my clothes to the side, something amazing. Immediately, I connected with my body, the air around me, my breath. My eyes opened wider, and rather than seeing just a muddy cloud of stress, I began to distinguish the practical pieces of what needed to get done. I saw the way through. Nakedly I began to identify tasks, make lists, and take action. I found boldness to speak up when I had questions, to take charge when I didn’t get answers, and to press forward with solutions, even when I didn’t necessarily know how things would turn out.

Sitting clothes free in my chair now in June (door shut and barricaded), I think about just how many things I hammered out in the past month, things that had been on the back burner not just for me, but for my boss and other colleagues, things I had not idea I could do. I was able to pick up some many pieces and launch things into action. I took the wheel, I drove. And to be honest, sometimes “driving” involved stepping away from the computer and just doing a few yoga poses, meditation, breath or staring out the window clothes free for a bit to recharge. At any rate, I got up and took charge.

Today I find myself at peace. I feel more mature, grounded and confident in my intuition. I know how things work now, and I have a broad vision of what is going on in the organization. This empowers me to make adjustments that better support our business processes. I have earned the respect and trust of colleagues above me, people who say, “I’m going to come to you first next time.” (Woot!!!)

IMG_7243Yes, clothes free life has had a huge impact on all this. I honestly do not think I would have made it through this year at the office without it. And yes, I have had some close run-ins. A few fun scenarios:

  • I strip down, take a sip of water, get comfortable and…crap, I  have to pee.
  • I set myself up for a clothes free work hour and DING DING DING DING FIRE ALARM EVERYONE EVACUATE NOW!!!
  • Working peacefully clothes free, drawing up reports…BANG BANG BANG! An urgent knock on the door. I scramble….for 60 seconds to put clothes back on (why are dresses so complicated only at these times?!?!?) and undo the barricade at the door. Finally, I open it, and the “urgent” matter was that someone needed Kleenex.

I’ve had to launch my entire body at the door a few times. I’ve put up covers around interior windows, because when the door is closed, people crawl over to the high windows and jump up and down to see if you’re really there. It’s the creepiest practice ever, but people do it all the time. So, now I have a giant (American) football beach towel up. People think I’m fan of the team. I don’t even know who is on the team right now, haven’t watched a game of theirs in forever. But, it tends to deflect other questions. So I just go along with the football conversation.

All this to say that my clothes free life has pulled me through this madness of a year, and now I sit knowing that anything is possible, that, Yes, I CAN.

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4 thoughts on “Like A (Clothes Free) Boss”

  1. starrywazzoh says:

    Great that you can take this opportunity at work and congrats on benefits of your continued bravery. Be prepared in your mind for the day your secret is out.

  2. natfabart avatar Naturist Fab says:

    That’s quite the accomplishment having the confidence to experience a clothes free workday. We have cubicles at work so that would be impossible. Love your near misses. Stay Bare.

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