Naturist tribe?

Modern tribe naturist

Correct, I’m wearing a hat. Am I supposed to burn? And boots. Would you walk on that pavement barefoot? We’re naturists, not idiots. And my bottom’s fine, thanks, but for that one welt, though if you bind a towel round the seat, the friction is minimal. If I wore shorts, my penis wouldn’t be free, would it? As God intended, look at Adam and Eve, that proves He created naturism. And central heating. Think about it: if we were meant to wear clothes, wouldn’t we have been born in them?

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4 thoughts on “Naturist tribe?”

  1. After reading a few other offerings from Catherine Bennett, it becomes apparent that she uses her form of humor to poke fun at just about anybody who ‘obsesses’ over their particular interest. She mocks the stereotypical statements and arguments used to justify those narrow viewpoints by turning them around and making them look silly.

    While mildly offensive perhaps, I think it’s meant to be a means of using humor to order help us recognize the absurdity of life and the need folks feel to be different yet still accepted.

    Nudists/naturists can certainly identify with that!

    I’ll give her a pass on this one, though some of the commenters are just plain ignorant, as usual!

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