poem: i say of beauty

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 I Say of Beauty

They said of beauty, “This”
An image faking bliss
Lines that don’t exist
They said of beauty, “This.”

They said of beauty, “She.”
No beauty found in “He”
Who cares what think “We”
They said of beauty, “She.”

They said of beauty, “That.”
A dress, a classy hat
Buy it off the rack
They said of beauty, “That.”

But then I stopped and thought
What damage has this wrought
What souls have these lies caught
Yes, I sat and thought

And then I said, “No more.”
Exiting the store
Gave up the beauty chore
I chose and said, “No more.”

I say of beauty, “Me.”
This beauty that I see
Inner beauty free
I say of beauty, “Me.”

June 14, 2015

About the author: hontouniheart


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  5. hontouniheart June 14, 2015

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