writer overcomes fear and challenge body shaming

I used to be Afraid to be Naked. {Adult: Nudity}

A reader commented on the photograph saying that I had written an article some time back about skinny shaming and how it was just as bad as fat shaming. She went on to say that if a fat girl were to post a picture like I did, that it would be taken down as vulgar instead of being celebrated as liberating and beautiful.

She sent me to some articles about thin privilege and recommended I read them before getting on my high horse again. She finished her reply claiming that if she posted a photograph like this, she would not get the same respect and admiration.

I couldn’t help but call bullshit on this one.

However eyes choose to devour a photograph of myself, or any women, regardless of her waist size—is their choice. I could give a damn if this photograph gets praise or admiration. If I get unfollows or complaints.

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