Interview with Anna, Winner of the 3rd Annual Clothes Free Poetry Contest

A little while ago we announced the winner of the 3rd Annual Clothes Free Poetry Contest. Anna Tasiilaq, whom many know by her Twitter handle @Anna4anybody, submitted the following winning piece to the poetry contest this year:

One with Nature

The world is full of dirt and air–
That’s the reason I like to bare.
One with sky, one with earth,
As fresh today as day of my birth
Run through the woods so free
The world goes away, lets me be.
Sunlight on my body, grass in my toes
I’m one with birds, trees, and rainbows!

-by Anna Tasiilaq

In this post Anna talks about her decision to share clothes free poetry and other aspects of her clothes free life.

anna g riverWhat inspired you to participate in the poetry contest?

I wanted to support, where I have shared my story about becoming clothes free. I didn’t care about winning; I just wanted to join in. I had only written a few poems in my life, poems about things on my mind. I enjoyed putting words together in interesting ways, but it’s challenging, because English is not my native language.

What inspired you to write this particular piece?

I remembered the first time I got nude outdoors. I was with my sister’s family, and it was hot! Everybody took off their clothes. It was surprising to me, but after some time I joined them, and it felt so good! I feel free when I don’t bother with clothes. All this inspired me to write this poem.

Did you tell your family and friends about your poem?

I ran it through the spell-checker but I didn’t show it to anybody. I worried that they might not think it was any good, that they’d find it silly to write about being naked. At first, I didn’t think the poem was good, but I didn’t let any of those worries stop me from joining in. 

How did you feel when you won the poetry contest?

I was worried actually, because I thought my friends would vote a lot to support me rather than voting because they liked my poem. It was close in the end. Now that I look at it, I think my poem is good, although I don’t know that it will be in any poetry book! I am happy with it.

Tell us a little bit about your clothes free life. 

I come from Greenland, which is a very cold place, of course. So I grew up wearing lots of heavy clothes on my body. About 6 years ago, when I was 17, my half sister brought me to Canada. She would spend some time clothes free, so I observed how she lived. At one point, she invited me to join her and her family on a trip to a lake. It was summer and warm, and everyone decided to go nude, so I joined in. Then I didn’t want to put on clothes again!

When I was starting college, I ran into a photographer who who wanted to do a nude photo shoot for fun. At the time it seemed like a fine idea, but the photographer posted the pictures online, and the pictures were widely circulated. I did not appreciate that, because I am not a show-off kind of person. It seems to me that a lot of nudists are very open and enjoy exhibitionism. For me, I like being nude for myself. So, I don’t get together with other people outside of my sister’s family. I don’t mind strangers, but sometimes a person with inappropriate intentions will stare at me, which makes me feel nervous. For me, clothes free life is about the attitude of being free and connected to nature. However, it seems that naked bodies attract some people who do not honor that idea. I like sex as much as anybody, for example, but being clothes free is not about sex. Many people find it challenging to grasp that. 

It’s hard to be clothes free all the time, because of things like work, school and public laws. At home I try to be clothes free as much as possible. I live in Canada, so when it’s cold I have to put on some clothes! That’s a challenge. I’ve hard people say one should turn up the heat, but the house I live in is old and gets a lot of drafts, so it’s never very warm in extreme winters here.

What else would you like to share with us?

I’m currently training as boxer. In the summer I will train in the Canadian Forces. I read they do not allow nudity, not even when sleeping, which means I’ll have to wear a top AND a bottom! They say that rule is there to keep people from getting excited; I laugh at it. After training, I will finish my college degree in Library Science to be a librarian; I love reading.

I will likely marry my fiance at the end of the year! We met in a marketing class at school. We were talking about branding, and the assignment was to make a chart of our personal brands. I added nudism, and he asked if I really was a nudist. So, I told him about what I do, which was mostly at home, and he didn’t respond in an inappropriate way! So we went out and got to liking each other, and the rest is history! He is comfortable being nude with me but not so much with friends or strangers. We are working on that!

aoJdPYou can follow Anna on Twitter at @Anna4anybody. This mighty boxer is known for ordering people to have a good day “or else!” so make sure you do just that: have an amazing day.

Write clothes free, stay clothes free! 

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