the guardian takes on Facebook nudity policy

When it comes to nudity, Facebook is little different than Victorian England

Facebook is not the only target of activists’ ire. A quick survey at social media companies’ policies shows that most, if not all, ban nudity from their platforms. While some have argued that this is a result of parochial American attitudes toward sex and the human body, companies argue that their policies are about making their platforms a safe space for young people and, in the case of Facebook, a “global and culturally diverse community”.

Although it’s true that Facebook’s user base is diverse, Facebook is not a “community”. It’s a corporation, and its users are its products – but have no say in how the space is regulated.

Here, Facebook is making a distinct choice: rather than enable freedom of expression as the company often claims to do, it is imposing cultural conservatism by claiming that nudity is somehow dangerous. In this, it is little different than Victorian England.

Surprisingly, historical parallels are fundamentally asymmetrical to the current modes of censorship.

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