Tomorrow is NY body painting day

Why Is Everyone in New York Getting Naked for Andy Golub? 

From ancient tribes in Asia and Africa (where humans are believed to have adorned their bodies with clay images of gods and war) to the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair (where inventor Max Factor Sr. was arrested for decorating model Sally Rand in his newly minted movie makeup), body-painting has a long and illustrious cultural trajectory. The art form hit the mainstream with a1992 Vanity Fair cover starring Demi Moore in a painted-on suit; by 2000, body paint had become a regular feature in Sports Illustrated’s annual Swimsuit Issue.

Difference is, Golub isn’t satisfied with art-fair exhibitions and photo shoots behind closed doors. He likes to bring his work—and the NSFW process—into the most public of venues, an aspect that has caught the attention of thousands of tourist passersby and the NYPD. And he takes it to extremes. On Saturday, he’s hosting the second annual NYC Bodypainting Day, a convergence of 100 fully nude models and 75 painters on 47th Street in Manhattan. His plan is to lead a naked march to the United Nations once the models are painted.
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