Anchorage Alaska police force cancellation of WNBR

Anchorage naked bike ride canceled after warning from police

The event’s Facebook page was taken down after organizers were contacted by Anchorage police, but several automatically created pages (not created by the organizers) for the event remain alive on the Internet.

APD Sgt. Denielle Hrovat said she tracked down the organizers of the event to tell them that they could be cited if people rode naked in Anchorage.

Hrovat said that in Anchorage, naked means “showing any genital areas or anus.”

“There could be criminal charges (for the organizers) if someone is arrested for indecent exposure,” Hrovat said. “They could be charged as eliciting a crime to occur.”

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Curators note: reading the comments of some people gives a good sense of what the organizers were up against. 

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