Desexualizing nudity means clarifiying intent 


First: eww. This guy obviously did not convince me to spread my legs or my labia. Because he was missing one very important point in his attempted guilt trip: intent.  

His point of view was centered entirely around one thing: him. How he felt, how aroused he was. There was no convincing him that nudity could be non-sexual in any context. Or pretty girls that he was attracted to either, for that matter.  

The thing is, I’m not responsible for his boner. If he pops a stiffy looking at Picasso, that’s not Picasso’s problem. That just makes him a weirdo. In contrast, I can tell you that posing nude isn’t a sexual act for me. I’m not thinking about getting my audience, photographer, or myself off.

Curators note: The writer’s point applies equally well to clothes free life as it does to nude art modeling. 

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