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As children many of us had visions of growing up and becoming Olympians. The images of Mark Spitz, Carl Lewis and Bruce Jenner fueled these dreams. We saw ourselves gracing the front of the ultimate prize………the Wheaties box! However, those dreams gave way to reality, jobs and family and were soon forgotten. Or were they? On August 22nd the Indiana Naturists, a non-landed naturist group based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, held their first annual Nude Tailgate Olympics. It wasn’t held in Berlin, Los Angeles or London but at Sunny Haven Naturist Resort in Granger, Indiana.

As we drove through the gate into this latest olympic complex we were greeted by some of the worlds greatest tailgate Olympians. Each had arrived without fanfare, news coverage or clothing with one thing in mind……having fun.

The events in the Tailgate Olympics consisted of Horseshoes, Pétanque, Corn Hole, Body Painting and Tailgating Dish (Olympians need nourishment). Gold, Silver and Bronze medals were awarded in each event and points accumulated to determine the winner of the Grand Champion trophy.

Each event had its own atmosphere of fun and laughter. Body painting challenged you to be creative or just down right funny. With just 30 minutes, there weren’t any Picasso’s but there was plenty of originality. The Tailgating Dish event left you full, thankfully no 5K afterwards, and wanting a few of the recipes to take home.

With Olympians from the Indiana Naturists Club and Sunny Haven Resort members, the event was a huge success. A total of 16 two person teams competed in this inaugural event. How did everyone do? Everyone earned a Gold medal in the primary event. That event? The solidarity in our love of naturism.

We enjoyed ourselves so much that we are planning on carrying the Olympic torch next year from California to Indiana to once again be apart of this fun, relaxing and socially invigorating event. We hope to see you there as well!
Sunshine & Sandals

Phil and Lynn


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  1. ChrisBrown avatar Chris says:

    It was a lot of fun. Special thanks to Scott & Megan for all their hard work organizing & running the event. It was great see so many people enjoying it. A lot of spectaculars enjoyed themselves as well.

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