The Naked Soul Yoga Challenge is on again

The Naked Soul Yoga Challenge will offer it latest challenge on Instagram for two weeks starting Augist 15′ we asked one of the original naked soul yogi is and steady guide of the challenges Renee W to tell us about the Naked Soul Yoga.

CFL- You are the person who originated naked soul yoga challenge, tell us what is naked soul yoga?

RW- NSY actually started with myself Jamie @cosmicgoddessyogini and Gina (idk what her new if is). The entire idea of Naked Soul Yoga and the Naked Soul Yoga Challenges was for us to help people achieve self love and self acceptance and not feel confined by clothes and stereotypes. 

CFL – You are getting ready to start a new NSY challenge how did the first challenge get started?

RW – The first start because Gina, Jamie, and myself would always post naked yoga poses and I one day half joking spat out that I thought we should host a naked challenge and they both agreed so here we are lol. 

This August challenge I feel is EXTREMELY important because Octavia @Wonder_Woman_O Rahmi @Rahmiohmness and I are doing it in honor of Suicide Prevention Awareness. We also were fortunate enough to have @Naturotica @iLoveGurus @JewelReeandCo @InfinityStrap and @CrownsandCoco sponsor this challenge so I encourage everyone to participate (and no nudity is not a requirement). 

CFL – What prompted you to host a naked yoga challenge on Instagram?

RW – I believe Instagram is one of the most popular social networking site available today though I hate most of there rules (none of the original hosts of NSY still have our original pages IG deleted them) I felt like this was the best platform to have our voices heard.

CFL – Why not do just clothed yoga challenge?

RW – I do clothed yoga as well but most of the time people are so caught up in fancy props, and the most vibrant leggings, or soul cleansing malas that they forget about the importance of the physical practice. So it’s like “remove you clothes and bare your soul” don’t worry about what you have on, let’s see the real you. 

CFL – Tell a something about yourself and your yoga practice?

RW – My own practice started 7/1/13 and I feel it was THE BEST decision of my life because I’m a better person. 

CFL- When and how did you begin to practice yoga without clothes?

 RW – I honestly don’t remember when I started practicing nude but I’m pretty much always nude so it was bound to happen.

CFL- What do you hope people who do your challenges will experience ?

RW – I hope people are truly able to open up and feel free.  

CFL – What should someone do if they want to participate in the naked soul yoga challenge?

RW Just use the hashtag #nakedsoulyoga #nakedsoulyogachallenge many people have private pages and because I have so much traffic on @iAmReneeWatkins I may not see a follow or a request to follow back or even a comment but if you follow @NakedSoulYoga you are bound to get a follow back. That page is HEAVILY monitored so not every request is accepted. 

CFL -Is there anything else you would like to share?

RW -Be free! Be yogi!

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