you don’t need to send me pictures 

We are not about collecting pictures we are promoting clothes free life. So you don’t need to send us pictures Just get  clothes free  Clothes free life is not about getting unclothed for the pleasure of others it’s finding freedom for yourself in your body and being comfortable in your skin. 
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8 thoughts on “you don’t need to send me pictures ”

  1. finnwest2015 says:

    I have always felt that this site is one of the most important blogs on naturism on the net. It is the reason I have followed all your posts religiously.

    But with respect my friend, this site seems to have become primarily about self acceptance of naturism and your own body. That is wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t really further the cause of naturism around the world does it? That requires brave statements for the worlds attention.

    I totally disagree with the picture issue. Posting pictures of myself and others naked is a vital element to promote the acceptance and normality of naturism.
    I choose to post pictures because it hopefully inspires others to follow suit.

    With respect some of your recent posts have implied that sharing pictures intentionally is somehow wrong or not needed. How will mindset change if nudists are not seen proudly enjoying their lifestyle?

    Like with apartheid in my country, changing a mindset requires bravery and not just self study. If I had just said that apartheid was wrong, nothing would have changed or evolved. It requires bravery and in the naturism sense, that means posting pictures enjoying the lifestyle. Or going out naked where it was not previously accepted.

    It is time to brave, as in my most recent post.


    1. Thank you for the thoughtful comment feedback and opinion.

      I would encourage you to read the words of the image again. It says you don’t have to send me pictures. It says nothing about the posting pictures of oneself being good or bad. You have every right to post pictures of yourself or any other pictures you want for that matter on YOUR site. However this site is not just about pictures of bodies it is about whole ordinary people and their clothes free life.

      Self acceptance is an important part of normalizing clothes free living and broaden its appeal in my humble opinion. While the path to naturism for you may be about being brave and posting pictures of yourself for others it a path through lack of confidence and negative body image and shame. Telling them to be brave doesn’t begin to acknowledge their experience. The comparison to apartheid is not a valid one in y opinion as posting pictures is not the same thing as personal sacrifice of life and limb. One can post an image and then walk away into a life that bears no connection to the image.

      When I go to social clothes free setting I rarely see people whose bodies are “perfect” by society’s standards. If that is all people outside of the clothes free community ever see or hear then they will tend to believe that is all clothes free life is about. This year British Naturism started a campaign targeted at women, but it can apply to anyone focused on body confidence not body beautiful. See link That is what we attempting to do as well. The gist of this idea is that confidence to be clothes free don’t necessarily come from being one of the “beautiful” people. It comes from learning to accept your body as beautiful accepting yourself without the need of external approval. That was the content of the text that accompanied the image.

      I have encountered many people whose perception of clothes free life comes from the dominance of images in social media showing the “beautiful” people. There are a host of social media accounts started by people who post no images of themselves but encourage others to send them images instead. It is our conviction that the image of a naked body does not actually depict clothes free life absent any story that shares the intent or experience of the individual. This site is not called clothes free bodies but clothes free life.

      In response to what seems to be like an increasing number of these social media account giving a misconception of clothes free life the simple graphic (body intentionally absent ) was develop and posted. If there are people who choose to do social media account and web sites that simple collect and post naked bodies that’s fine for them and certainly their right. That is not the purpose of this site. Truth in advertising initially that was the kind of thing we did and there may yet be posts like that is the archives. However that is not our focus now and moving forward when the new site is in launched those orphaned images will be removed or replaced.

      A little over a year ago after a hiatus from the online scene I (where I spent much time in face to face clothes free setting) I returned to this site with a clear new sense of purpose and direction to focus on clothes free living. Part of that purpose was to promote a more wholistic inclusive side of clothes free living. So experiences of all kinds of people with all kinds of bodies were sought out and published. I realize our approach on this subject is not for everyone but we have seen it gain traction across a broad range of people. So we will continue to with the guiding principle of promoting clothes free living for ordinary people who are exploring or engaging the clothes free life. I hope you can find the value in that and continue to visit.

      EarD curator chief editor

  2. finnwest2015 says:

    This site is getting a little too judgemental for my liking.

    1. You are free to not visit

    2. However if you choose to still visit I hope you will back up your accusatory comment with a justification. Point out specific instances of being judgmental we would be happy to have a conversation about it. But again you have the freedom to not visit if the content or editorial tone is not to your liking

  3. AnnaT avatar Anna says:

    Yea you gotta do it for yourself not to show off that you are nude!!!!

    1. Thank you Anna that is exactly what we are getting at

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