Challenges of living clothes free

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Take It Off: 7 Struggles Of Being A Nudist In A World Full Of Clothes

I’m always getting naked, no matter who’s around. I have two roommates, and I still walk around the apartment in the buff. I think this might make them a little uncomfortable, but I’ve never seen the problem.

If I’m going to take a shower, why don’t I just get naked and hop in? Why bother with all that BS bathrobe hoopla?

Nudity is the ultimate freedom. It is the most poignant way to embrace yourself and eliminate any shame. Nakey is great.

Unfortunately, my opinion on naked liberation is not universal. If it were up to me, I would always be naked.

I would go to work naked, I would go to parties naked, and I would navigate the many forms of New York’s public transportation system without so much as my socks on.

Humans are just meant to be naked. It’s healthy to be naked. Nudity is our natural state. Clothes are the aliens around here

But it’s not yet socially acceptable for me to ditch the restricting ensembles and run around town in my birthday suit.

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Curators Note: A very authentic expression of the natural approach to living clothes free. 

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