A young woman’s first time at resort a day with naturist or swingers?

 Going to a Nudist Resort for the First Time as a Young

On the beach, everyone is naked, even the ice-cream vendor. All sorts of regular beach activities are under way: an old man is pottering along the shore collecting shells in a sandwich bag, a group of cellulite-y female pensioners are gossiping in a circle, children splash in the sea and masses of golden bodies are stretched out across their towels. Pubic hair seems to be out of fashion among both men and women, and as I parade along the shore I feel distinctively out of place.

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Curators note: What seems to be a voyeristic first time clothes free visit to Cap D’Adge a less thank perfect reflection of naturism

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2 thoughts on “A young woman’s first time at resort a day with naturist or swingers?”

  1. Shavetalebidoux says:

    Having only read the curators’ note, I was thinking of other spots in France to suggest that might be less stressful for a first time venture into naturism. But after reading the article all I can say is that “…money or at least hunger really is the root of all evil”. The writer should be embarrassed about it rather than any imperfections of her bum, while the editor should just be ashamed.

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