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How 3 Experiences Helped me Stop my Body Shaming & Start Loving my Naked Self.

Being comfortable naked is something I have struggled with my entire life.
I remember first feeling shame towards my body in middle school, when I started comparing myself to other girls around me who began developing earlier than I did. In high school I remember the locker room days of changing bras under my shirt (a time-old trick of shy gals like myself).
As an adult, the shame I felt towards my body showed up in the bedroom when I would demand that the lights were off during intimate moments.
Through years of societal coding, cultural standards and the expectations of those closest to me, I learned that my naked body was something to hide, judge and be shameful of.

But somewhere in the past year or so, I decided that the days of judging myself were over. I decided that I was done feeling ashamed of my body, and that I was going to intentionally confront and recode my beliefs around my body and how I felt about it.

Here’s what I did:

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