Naked A Poem By Simon West


I’ve always had a penchant to go bare
From when I was a very tiny tot
At first the opportunities were rare
And only when the weather was quite hot

When I confessed my need to my first wife
She thought that I was really very odd
“Join in? Oh no, not on your life!”
And so my naked times were on my tod

Much later (cut to partner number two)
My naked hopes were said with good intent
This time the answer was “Oh yes! Me too!”
And so to Budleigh Salterton we went

We picked our way o’er boulders to the sign
That said it was ok our clothes to doff
I turned to say “I think it may be time”
But she was stripped, and smiling, heading off

It offers freedom and I must confess
Being sky-clad isn’t out of reach
We now seek out the places to undress
Like naked swims and unofficial beach

Nudity no longer causes strife
I’m not considered vulgar, crass or rude
Our latest venture has been modelling life
We pose for artists, sitting in the nude

So if an opportunity arose
For you to take the lot off and be bare
Don’t hesitate, remove restrictive clothes
And let it all hang out without a care

© Simon West 2015

Image copyright Twoscoops Greeting Cards used with permission

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4 thoughts on “Naked A Poem By Simon West”

  1. oldkahuna says:

    I could have written this, myself! I’m smiling, big time! 😉

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