New Anglican bishop is advocate of Christian naturism

Christian ‘naturism’ advocate appointed Bishop of Sherborne

The back cover of the 2000 pamphlet on Christian Naturism released by Grove Books she co-authored with David Leal notes Miss Gorham was not a practicing naturist at the time of publication, but “Karen knows and supports many naturists.”
The booklet argues that the naturist lifestyle is not incompatible with Christianity. A distinction must be drawn between “physical nakedness and sexual impurity” she argued, noting Scripture was agnostic on the subject, neither promoting nor banning social nudity.
Her book briefly surveys the Scriptural record on nudism and the church’s attitude towards the public display of the body, noting the place of societal attitudes towards the body in informing church views.
The modern naturist movement, which took form in the 1920s, was not an expression of sexual license, she writes. “Some naturists say that it is more fitting for a Christian than a non-Christian to be a naturist given that Christians are new creations living before God, who need not know that shame which gives nakedness such symbolic potency.”

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