No conflict between naturism and Christian Faith says new bishop

New CofE bishop Karen Gorham supports Christian naturism

In 2000 she wrote a pamphlet on Christian Naturism with David Leal, released by Grove Books. The cover notes: “Although not herself a naturist Karen knows and supports many involved in naturism.”

The booklet looks at difference expressions of naturism, noting that for many people it is an expression of their desire to live in harmony with nature and has nothing to do with sex. It says: “The connection of nakedness and sex, though it may seem inescapable, need not necessarily be so.” Asking, “Must nude be crude?” the book answers: “No; life in a naturist club, or a naturist resort, is just about doing things which one generally does with clothes on, but unclothed when the circumstances permit it.”

It notes that “many naturists belong to local churches and regularly worship God; obviously such people see no conflict between Christian morality and regular social nudity.”

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