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Surfing in the Nude: 6 Pros Who Ditched Their Wetsuits for Their Birthday Suits

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As a sport (or way of life), surfing is far less restricted than others. We’re not confined to a court. We’re out there in the the natural world, battling the elements and critters of the deep. And during your day-to-day surf sessions, we don’t have coaches, rules, or teams. It’s practically anarchy!

So it only makes sense that surfers – and our unrestrained lifestyle – would be drawn to the most free form of expression: nudity. Rich yuppies looking for an “experience” are doing it at Burning Man. Miley Cyrus is doing it on Instagram. So why not surfers, right? We’re way more unhinged and bohemian than those poser conformists, RIGHT?!? Sure, whatever. We’re also #blessed with great bods…there’s no arguing with that. Here’s just a few instances of surfers trading in their bathing suits for their birthday suits and flaunting the goods for the camera

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