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The author makes some very interesting and revealing statements like

The American Civil Liberties Union undertook the defence of those who wanted to establish nudist camps, but there were serious problems that I thought would have made the ACLU blink: black Americans weren’t allowed to join nudist camps; neither were gays, single men or, in the early days, Catholics. There was an emphasis on white Protestant married couples and their children.

The problem is you can’t tell who is a real nudist and who is doing it for other purposes. This is what judges struggled with when cases went to court. No one knew who the people were who looked at nudist magazines such as Sunshine & Health or looked at nudist films. It could be people interested in pornography or intergenerational sex.

It was pornography, whether it was intended to be or not. Some of the images were definitely pornographic. If you look at male beefcake magazines, there are many similar images in Sunshine & Health. People were buying it to look at pictures of nudes, especially gay men, because they could avoid being accused of reading pornography if they were looking at a nudist magazine.

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