At the NFL’s Lucas Oil Stadium, sexism and gymnophobia intersect

  1. sassycoupleok 3 years ago

    While we agree with all of the above points we are pretty sure male reporters don’t typically have the same access to female athletes locker rooms as females do to the male athletes locker rooms. How about some equality too ??

    • troynbr2 3 years ago

      Can I like this comment twice, please! How about some equality? Can’t tell you how many times each day I run into this inequality.

      • sassycoupleok 3 years ago

        Yes you can because it is so ridiculous !!! It was even going on when I was in HS. Girls from the office would bring notes into the gym locker room for the coaches all the time. Those locker rooms then were wide open showers and dressing areas and showering daily was required. So male nudity was everywhere. They (girls) had to walk into the locker room to get to the cage and office area. They could not help but see us nude. We (boys) were not even allowed over in the girls area of locker rooms. If we got caught there it was corporal punishment along with several days suspension from school and no playing time in team sports that week. Where was the equality in that ??

        • troynbr2 3 years ago

          Even more basic, on my mind, is title ix saying interest requires schools to allow teams for sport not yet offered. Boys don’t like volleyball yet the tiny baseball team gets funded each year and girls volleyball nonexistent? Or assumptions about which parent to call when child is sick and why mothers get “flextime” to deal with sick child but dad’s not offered “flextime” and then can’t leave work. The list is endless…

          • sassycoupleok 3 years ago

            Girls volleyball is very popular here, however otherwise you are quite correct, the “list is endless” !!!

      • Earl D avatar
        clothesfreelife 3 years ago

        Comment as often as you like

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