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 Several months ago we shared the news that we are developing a new site that include a community feature as well as an enhanced version of the current site and magazine which we dubbed clothes free life 2.0. Well things did not work out as we planned. Despite several efforts at creating one consolidated site we could not on a limited budget develop the kind of site we wanted. Something that was easy to use and fast to deliver the kind of great information that the clothes free community deserves. There were just too many roadblocks including real insurmountable issues transferring all of the content from one site to another. Rather than throw something together that was not really useful, we decided to go in another direction.

We have put the single site on hold for the moment. But we are moving forward to develop the community side of things as a sister site at This will come online by the beginning of 2016. We may eventually add other features as time and resources permit but for now the focus will be building the safe best online clothes free community. The magazine with news and original posts will remain at and we will have several new contributors adding to the rich global perspective on clothes free living we already provide.

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