Communal showers get less communal

Men’s Locker Room Designers Take Pity on Naked Millennials

“Everyone wants to get upgraded now,” said Rudy Fabiano, an architect who estimates he has designed about 500 gyms in the last 25 years.

But gyms are still unable to provide the one thing younger men in particular seem to really want: a way for them to shower and change without actually being nude.

Each day, thousands upon thousands of men in locker rooms nationwide struggle to put on their underwear while still covered chastely in shower towels, like horrible breathless arthropods molting into something tender-skinned. They writhe, still moist, into fresh clothes.

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One thought on “Communal showers get less communal”

  1. sassycoupleok says:

    These same young men are also afraid to use the urinals as well !! I guess they are afraid someone will see their pee pee. That only comes from over protective parents. C’mon folks let your boys grow up to be men instead of a bunch of pussies !!!

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