Fort Collins rejects top freedom

Fort Collins, Colorado, rejects proposal to allow women to go topless in public


Brittiany Hoagland, an activist with Go Topless, had pushed to change the city code banning bare breasts in public, but at the packed meeting, supporters of the idea were far outnumbered by opponents.

Many residents who spoke during the lengthy public-comment period said they were flabbergasted to find the council debating the matter.

“It feels very surreal to be here talking about this issue tonight,” Jason LeVasseur said. “Like it’s actually here on the table, we’re actually considering this.”

Others raised concerns about disrupting the city’s family-friendly atmosphere by attracting predators and increasing the risk of sexual assault;

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4 thoughts on “Fort Collins rejects top freedom”

  1. Denying rights to the oppressed to “protect” them rather than going after the perpetrators of violence is a time honored tradition in America (and elsewhere). Happened to the Mormons regarding marriage, to blacks on myriad issues (slavery itself was argued as necessary for the negro race as they were to “child like” to support themselves), the Naked Mile in Ann Arbor was shut down to “protect” women from being fondled by bystanders rather than policing the bystanders (although the real reason was that the Naked Mile was thought by the then president of the University of Michigan as to reflect badly on the U of M. He and Jennifer Granholm, then the state’s attorney general, apparently didn’t think that restricting expression reflected badly on the concept of a liberal education or American freedoms.

  2. Shavetalebidoux says:

    Shame on them! These are the very same arguments used by Islamic fundamentalists to justify forcing women to wear a burqa. It seems the only times Christians and Muslims can agree is when they’re trying to deny others their rights. They were walking hand in hand here in France, along with fascists and neo-nazis, during the Manif pour Tous held in protest of gay marriage. A small but virulent lot, their demonstrations showed just how important it is to have and maintain a total separation of State from religion.

  3. jochanaan1 says:

    Of course the arguments against feminine topfreedom include the “likelihood” of an increase in assaults etc. Ironic, isn’t it, that topfreedom acceptance is likely to lead to a *decrease* in assaults and rape culture! But too many folks just don’t want to hear what we’re saying.

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