Guest Post: Being Naked

Clothes are not evil however and I think they serve a great purpose, but at the same time, we shouldn’t be ashamed. They keep us warm, protect us from the sun, keep nasty insects away and they can form our identity and make us unique. I love that we all look different in our clothes. Surely apart from slightly different shapes and sizes, we would look pretty much the same nude? Clothing is a point of interest to talk about and is an extension of our personality which I think is a great thing.Nudity shouldn’t mean sex! The two should be separate. Some theories say that we can’t all be nude as it would lead to a hedonistic world of humans falling into temptation and having sex with everyone. I know this wouldn’t be the case for me having never had a one night stand. Would the population increase if we were all nude? Some of the sexual excitement comes from your partner slowly revealing their body? Would this be the same if we were all nude? Would we have playboy and the page 3 photos in the newspaper? I think such magazines wouldn’t be a loss.

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Curators note: This guest blog is from a blog focused on tantric sexually. This guest blog however focuses on non sexual nudity which is what we promote. Reblogging this particular post should not be seen as a departure from our core principle of promoting nonsexual clothes free living.

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