Nakedness A Sin? Perspective

Is it a Sin to Be Naked?

It seems like nudity remained completely kosher based on the pre-Fall world, and God didn’t insist they cover themselves before giving them a complete teardown. In fact, it almost seems like His provision of garments was a last-minute afterthought before He had the sword-wielding bouncer show them the door.

Yet despite the clear implications of this primordial story, Christians today still often think and teach that nudity itself is inherently sinful and shameful. Should I feel conviction and the need for repentance every time I shower or make love to my wife or go to the doctor? And from where does this belief system originate?

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Curator’s note: Excited to see that Christians are beginning to take another look at the the church line on the clothes free body as negative. This is how any potential change will need to occur by Christians themselves addressing the inaccuracies.

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4 thoughts on “Nakedness A Sin? Perspective”

  1. Oh! Let’s forget that nonsense and get on with appreciating and enjoying (contact with-) the human body!!!!

  2. Brian Goddard says:

    Well then I shall be a sinner for the rest of my days

  3. William says:

    Reblogged this on Naturism For People of Color and commented:
    Damnit you beat me to it CFL! 🙂 Well i guess i have to reblog this one instead of writing a post myself. It would seem redundant if i wrote a post about this.

    1. No problems thanks for all the reblogs and welcome back to the blogosphere

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