2 thoughts on “Open Letter to NH House Regarding Proposal to Forbid Female Bare-Chestedness”

  1. Shavetalebidoux says:

    Just about everyone, including our tom-cat has breasts and nipples! The difference between the breasts and nipples on tom-cats and tabbies is that those on tabby-cats aren’t simply decorative. They have a purpose: they’re to feed kittens! And it’s the same for men and women. Those of women are to feed young humans until they are weaned, which occurs for most children around three years of age.

  2. sassycoupleok says:

    As a nudist couple we applaud her efforts. The more exposure we get the more normal this becomes. It’s out right discrimination for a woman to not be able to as bare chested as her man or as any other man. There are many times my wife would love to do yard work top free. It’s time that society quit sexualizing women’s breast.

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