Stress Free Christmas is a Clothes Free Christmas

Why You Should Wrap Presents and Drink Eggnog Naked

And if you happen to be celebrating alone, you should still leave your clothes in the closet. “Being naked helps maintain the health competency of your skin barrier,” Dr. Turner explains.

Sorry, come again?

“Being naked helps skin circulation, toxin elimination, prevents skin fungal infections, and reduces risk of redness or irritation under tight-fitting clothing,” she says. “Anything that prevents skin inflammation or outbreaks will help maintain your skin barrier. And the healthier the skin barrier, the less stress you’ll have and the better you ability to handle stress.”

Here are five holiday activities that will only become more enjoyable if you slip out of your clothes and enjoy the moment au naturel

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4 thoughts on “Stress Free Christmas is a Clothes Free Christmas”

  1. sassycoupleok says:

    These are all wonderful things to do for the holidays provided the temp is compatible. We try to incorporate all of our chores into our nude lifestyle.

  2. oldkahuna says:

    When I was learning massage and we accidentally bumped into each other, we said, “Thank you.” 🙂

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