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Whistleblowing and Censorship

The image above features Laocoön and his sons. Laocoön was a Trojan (Greek) priest, a whistleblower from the times of the Trojan wars. In the image, he is seen being punished along with his two sons, being bitten by poisonous and constrictive snakes. Why? He tried to expose what the “Trojan Horse” was, what danger it contained. In modern times we have our own versions of Laocoön who risk everything. Some call these whistleblowers heroes, others call them enemies of the state bent on destroying everything we have achieved as a culture and civilisation.

Naturism, or nudism, faces the same issues of messages being hidden in the media that delivers the messages. Simple searches for wholesome, natural images that feature ordinary humans undressed return an overwhelming flood of pornography

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