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  1. Da Nubian Nudist says:

    Sorry but Nudism/Naturism began and originates in Afrika as a lifestyle. Maybe todays movement started in Europe as what is known as the modern day Naturist but Afrikan people have lived nude for centuries until the European came with their religions of oppression. Religion and social indoctrination is the reason Blacks do not embrace the Nudist/Naturist Lifestyle period.

    1. Shavetalebidoux says:

      Yes, I was thinking the same thing. Repressive religions of conquest have destroyed much that the world could have learned from indigenous cultures. Whether it is Afrika, the birthplace of humanity, the Americas, or elsewhere, they’ve deprived us of traditional insight and a holistic vision of life that may very well have saved us untold misery.

  2. Shavetalebidoux says:

    This made me think back and in fact, my first foray into social nudism was at an ancient State Park in Ohio that had been converted into a Nudist Camping. It doesn’t exist anymore, but it had kept the name of the Park: Devil’s Den and it was own and operated by a black nudist. I can’t remember his name, but he had very good diplomatic skills. During a clothing optional festival held at his site some local lads stumbled in and began chatting-up the ladies. They looked silly wearing swimsuits and became annoying. I’m not sure what he said to the lads, but they left and came back with girlfriends, stayed for the festival and behaved themselves the rest of the weekend.

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