Vivre Nu (Living Naked)

“À la recherche du paradis perdu” or “Vivre Nu” (Living Naked) by Robert Salis, 1993. 1 hr 45 min. French.

This is a beautiful documentary primarily about French naturism with some perspectives from Germany.

The film includes discussion on the history of French naturism; distinctions between naturism and nudism; nudism in various historical, social, cultural and political contexts; and personal shares from many individuals.

Naturists from a wide age range, young children to adults in their 80s, speak to how naturism supports self-acceptance, acceptance of others, deep meaninful relationships, wellness and vitality. 

The information and wisdom shared in this film make it well worth the watch. This piece is a true inspiration.

Video is French language with Russian subtitles. For a rough English translation click on the settings icon (gear) turn subtitles on -Russian. Then select Settings – Subtitles – Auto Translate – English,


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