Nudist Options by Nekidgamer

From the editor: While browsing our archive I came across this post by our very first female contributor @nekidgamer who is not currently contributing but shared this gem about her clothes free experience we believe needed to be read. I hope you agree.

I have always been a home nudist , and my earliest experience was skinny dipping with friends in a local pond. I also would go to friends houses as a teen for sleepovers and we all would skinny dip in the pool or run in the sprinklers.

This last year was my first resort experience and I loved it. I would love to try out different nudist and clothing optional venues but I must admit there is some trepidation. I know this is not very acceptable by some nudist to say but I am uncomfortable with the idea of family resorts. I am concerned with the fact of creepy people checking out kids at resorts and you can’t say there are no pedophiles at nudist resorts its statistically impossible . I’ve met a few so called male nudist who made inappropriate comments about children giving them erections , or women liking the young boys bodies. I figure if I wouldn’t bring my daughter there then I shouldn’t be there either. I prefer to stay with adults maybe that’s a bit overly cautious but that’s how I feel. I personally think family resorts should have full criminal checks to be members or guests.

There are also the nudist resorts with more of a swinger party atmosphere and if that’s what you’re looking for then go for it. It personally isn’t for me I don’t care for the atmosphere or the need for free clinic visits. Plus I have had friends who went to them and most of the stories were centered around drama. I hate drama that’s what family is for I get to choose my friends.

I go to resorts to get away and relax away from drama and stress. I am not one of those people who believe being a nudist makes you be free of ever having a sexual thought about another nudist I just choose to keep it that a thought. Nudity should not always be associated with sex that’s a fact but we are all still sexual beings who have thoughts and desires. I admire the view of beautiful people as I admire a beautiful sunset. I’m past my time of party stage so I have no interest in getting drunk and being the latest party favor. I like to be relaxed , lay out , visit with friends or just read a book best of all I love to skinny dip.

There are a few things I would like to try nude hiking for one it sounds invigorating and fun even if my shallow side smirks at the idea of being naked in tennis shoes. I also would love to go to a beach and do some body surfing though you prob wont see me with the families.

I did check out some nude hiking groups and found there isn’t much inclusion. Why we must separate into couples, singles , gay and lesbian is beyond me . If we are all adults who I sleep with shouldn’t matter when going together on a nude hike . There needs to be more inclusion in the nudist community as long as everyone treats each other with respect that’s all that should matter. I would love to find more nudist friends to have dinner parties or pool parties with . I’m not interested in swinging just alternative place to be nude other than resorts . I even like the idea of nude driving though for women especially ones like me with large breast I can see the many obstacles. I love my life and the freedom of being nude I just want more opportunities to express that side of me.


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