Site updates January 2016

I wanted to let our regular readers and visitors in on a few updates for the new year. We implemented a new look for the site more befitting of a web magazine. There are still a few tweaks being done, but overall we are close to when we want to be. Let us know what you think.

This is a schedule worked out for the site moving forward while we ask you to not hold us to this exactly, here is what we expect:

    • A clothes free kitchen recipe each week
    • A clothes free yogi featured each month
    • A new review (book, movie, app, video) a month
    • An artist gallery every two months
    • An exclusive opinion/commentary, interview or guest article each month

A quarterly photo challenge or contest(ex annual poetry contest)

  • A personal experience or story every two month
  • A weekly infographic/meme pic of the week
  • A bi-weekly podcast


Stayed tuned and don’t forget to share your feedback


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