A YNA Primer on top freedom in New York State

Topless Laws and Topfreedom in New York State

Like many U.S. anti-nudity laws, New York’s “Exposure of a person” law — Penal Code 245.01 — includes the female nipple when describing body parts that aren’t allowed to be shown / exposed in public. (With the exception of public breastfeeding.)

HOWEVER, this part of the law was nullified in 1992 by the NY Court of Appeals ruling in People v. Santorelli. Ever since then, it has been legal for women to go topless in public wherever men can.

topfree naturist in New York City
Topfree Equality in New York (Photo in Central Park, NYC)

It is a common misconception that women’s right to go topfree is written in New York state laws. In fact, the public nudity law (penal code 245.01) remains unchanged, but the 1992 ruling supersedes the law. Therefore, it is the ruling that makes topfreedom legal in New York State. (Please note that topfreedom is legal throughout the entire state of NY – not just in NYC, as the media will sometimes lead people to believe!)

There is one exception to the topfreedom law, which is that women are prohibited to be topless in public for commercial purposes.

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