Clothes Free Life 2015 in review

Here is a look back at the year of activities on Clothes Free Life in 2015
Two thousand six hundred and ten people follow this site directly or by email subscription. Though overall views (383,795) and visitors (85,363) decreased from 2014 to 2015, overall interaction through likes (3,063) and comments (1,451) on the site were up.

The top referring sites were Reddit thanks to the R/nudism Reddit followed by Twitter and strangely enough FaceBook though we have no presence there at all.


Visitors to the site came from the US by a 7-1 margin followed by the UK and Canada with Australia and Germany rounding out the top five.


The top two posts were a guest post that is about two years old at home my clothes fre experience and a 2015 post Sunny Options: Public Debut both by women sharing their clothes free experiences. We added two new features the clothes free yogi you should know and clothes free kitchen. We had several book reviews through the year and issued a call for more collaboration between clothes free creative at year’s end.

Our hope for 2016 is to continue to grow our interaction with all the folks engaging and exploring the clothes free life by developing a sister community site. This site will continue to grow with more regular features, and stories from ordinary people living the clothes free life. We hope you will join us for 2016 the year of clothes free living!

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